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Good info here, and your vinyl graphics guy is correct.
In truth the paint will outgas for several days as it 'drys' and them continue to do so for up to a month on a very much smaller level.

One thing you can do to drastically accellerate the process is to heat the freshly painted parts in an oven.

**WARNING** if you're married or have a live in, don't use your kitchen oven. It'll stink and she'll kick your ass. **END OF WARNING**

As atated above, three or four THIN coats of the base color, allowing it to dry between coats. Hit it with two or three coats of clear after that. At this point I put the pieces in an old over I keep in the shop for things like this. Set it to 165-170 degrees and bake the parts for 6-8 hours then allow to cool fully. Then wet sand them with 2000grit until the whole surface is uniformly matte looking. I generally toss the parts back in for a couple more hours at this point just for good measure.
Now apply your vynil with a mild slip solution (your vinyl guy can explain that for you) and make sure all your work is really dry and clean. Wipe it with a tack cloth then clear coat, three or four coats.
'Bake' the parts one more time at the lowest temp you can get, 120-125 degrees is good, for 4 or 5 more hours to harden the clear.
Once your to this point and the parts have cooled you can put the bike together and enjoy it. Give it a couple days the hand polish it with a fine cut polishing compound.

To make a paintjob come out good is a lot of work but the end result is worth it. Have fun, take your time and people will notice the difference!

Lead, follow or get out of the way!
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