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Any riding with hearing aids or Cochlear implants?

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Just making decisions about hearing devices and like the idea of being able to hear again while riding.
I am totally deaf in my left ear and slightly impaired on the right.
So I need now decide on what system I should get that I can use with a helmet. Hearing aids CROS or Cochlear implant.
What helmet solutions are others using?
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I had some difficulty in finding a helmet that would allow me to wear my hearing aids when I ride. I wear a Shoei RF1200 normally, but it's almost impossible to get it on without displacing the hearing aids. I found a modular helmet that the whole front pivots up and the helmet can be pulled to spread out the opening and fits right over the hearing aids without any problem.
I don't normally look at modular helmets but that makes perfect sense. Thanks for that looks like I will be using a CROS.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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