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hey guys,

im rebuilding a 1964 triumph bonneville t120r. its definitely going to be a street bike with maybe track time in the future.

my question is, what are some good upgrades i can do that isnt too racey to be uncomfortable or unreliable for the street. any suggestions on forks, brakes, carbs, pistons etc???

im going to do a rebuild of the engine so ill re-hone the cylinder but i didnt plan on doing a big bore, ill keep it 650cc.

im definitely installing the boyer electronic ignition system, but thats the only definite plan i have right now


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Mikuni carbs, Tapered steering bearings, brace the wing arm and frame, the best shocks you can afford, rebuild the front forks or replace with bigger japanese ones. New brake pads or shoes. Alloy rims and stainless spokes.


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