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Anyone fancy a cup of Rosylee

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Hello Everyone Dangerous Brian here.

What a great forum, I recently decided to design tune and build my own cafe racer, I have no clue as this is my first time however fortunately I have a full workshop with tools at my disposal (for practice) and a good friend willing to teach me how to tune and improve the engine and pay him less as I will do the work as opposed to paying him to do it we shall call him (Mr Nice Guy).

First things first I have no bike but will be looking at a Honda CB of any size to start so anyone in Germany with this or similar bike 70's 80's give me a shout Im all ears (dangerous brian joke)

I have yet to try the search function as I have not started but be assured I will be trying this before posting any Noobie crap, I may be new but I'm not green around the ears so no worries there.

All in all I have been scouring every bit of info tips and tricks I can find on the internet and keep coming back here to (which is awesome) to mainly prepare me for when buying a bike so I can already start building a budget in my head when viewing the bike and get a feel for what it will need.

Also as I am in Germany anyone needing tools or a place to work and wants to help me with my bike are welcome to come down and use the space.

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I like the CB450S frame. I think all the bike really needs for good handling is some good rear shocks. I think they have a bit of café racer potential if done right.

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I'd ride a stock or modified R80 G/S, ST, RS, RT or R 800cc any day. A Far better and 'happier' motor than the 980cc one. The R80 monolever chassis works well enough for fast road use.

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Can anyone help!!

I have bought a gsx400e (1985) GK53C. however its a german registered bike and rumour has it this bike was sold restricted to 27hp as aa german learner bike as opposed to the normal 42hp when sold elsewhere.

Does anyone know where the restriction is and how to set it back to at least its original state or more?? Will changing the CDI IGNITOR for a derestrcited version have anythign to do with it??

I have searched all the forum and there really is nothing on this that i can find.

Thanks for any help, much appreciated.

Ride it like it is. The full power ones are a bit fragile and getting parts now would be a drama IMHO. If you are a fat geezer, you would not even feel much of a difference in riding the two models.

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P.S. : Are you Mr Blobby's nephew?
Theres Loads of parts here for it in Germany. and I still want to derestrict it regardless even at 85kgs it makes a difference
Try Swedish bike sites for info. They sold plenty of them there and they loved them.

Don't be surprised if the 27PS version has low comp pistons, tame cams and tiny valves.

And if the quest for knowledge fails, at least you will know someone over there, to order some suede flares from.

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They also used exhaust restrictors as well as inlet restrictors. I doubt Suzuki would have gone to the trouble of different pistons, cams and valves to de-tune these bikes.
It's not hard for a manufacturer to put in fatter valve seats and smaller valves. Cams are easy enough to grind for less lift, and taking .5 off the top off a piston when it gets it's final machining is not hard.

The SR500 48T in Germany put out about ten horsepower less than the first 2J4 model. To do that, the cam, piston, carb, exhaust and ignition would be tamer. Just restrictors either end, or a throttle stop, would not back that many horses off.

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A straight cafe line? What the hell are you talking about?
You asked, trust me, you probably don't want to know. :)

Well here goes nothing:

How To Build A Cafe Racer | Bike EXIF

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IMHO, It's an article written by someone who doesn't know his ass from a pound of butter.

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