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anyone going to IOM this year?

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Just wondering if anyone off the forum is going to the big 100 year shindig...

So, are you?

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are you kidding, travel all of the way over there to have roper kick my ass again? when he wont be here and we can race at summit?

rosko, you gonna make a summit round this summer??

i hope so. i freaking cant wait to get on the grid with you and tanner.

oh absolutely. 100 years. and its always a party. really thoguh, just think about how nice the place would be if it werent constantly over run with bikes though.

anyway, one day ill make it there. for now i just have to settle with the fact that my transponder has done a lap and i have the tech sticker on it still.

im doing at least the june fim race. well see how the cash goes for the rest of the summer but i should be able to make the last race too. thats if my new bike doesnt grenade first weekend out.

my new cb350. ive been working on it for about 2 years now. its even going to be sporting a new steve d' paint job!! pvl, works shocks, p-coated lightened and braced frame, alloys, tanner body work, scitzu, needle bearing conversion swingarm, lightened gt750 front brake, lightened rear brake, marshal pipes, and on and on. its going to be sweet. and yes, im hoping to continue the traditional stripes! they are going to go perfectly with the new paint. its going to say 1964 econoline van.

it'll be all show and no go.

1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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