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Anyone know of Vintage Honda Shop?

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My buddy has a 78 CB750 and is looking for a shop that specializes in those type of bikes. Anyone know of any in the NY, New England area?

We are in Central NY so the Albany, Syracuse, Hudson Valley region would be real easy to get to.

There is a local Honda dealer who has been around since the early 60's, but he is looking for options, maybe an independant shop, etc.

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i will be opening on the May Day

Meister Cycles LLC
Brookline, VT
802 365-9291

don't have a web site as of yet don't really have time right now for one unless anyone out there would like to help....i'm going to be having a grand opening BB-Q or something on the 5th.....

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hey ROSKO....i've been remodeling the house and i have projects pilling up in the shop

restoring a 1973 Yamaha DT 250
i'm waiting on a fully restored (no $$ spared) 1973 comoando
building a 1971 TR6 rat bike and working on a 1956 TRW chop...
the Triton waits for an engine

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i have been remodeling the house and waiting for child #2....the shop did well till around the feb. then i stopped working on snowmobiles...i will never work on them again! now things are starting to pick up in the shop....i may be getting a boring bar soon!! oh and the TRW is more of a bobber then a chop...

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hey borzwazie i sent you an email....

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