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There is a new vintage motorcycle group in New York called NYC Vin Moto. It is a hub of Vin Moto group which started in Chicago as Chi Vin Moto, and is now in several cities.

<a href="">NYC Vintage Motorcyclists</a> is a FREE email list for fans of vintage bikes it will include ALL makes. NOT a club. no dues. no president. just participate. Just for people with similar interest to get together and share, plan events, rides, whatever. It's part of the larger community of vintage motorcyclists found at <a href=""></a>.

Take a minute and head over to <a href="">NYCvinMoto</a>
and sign up for the list. This would be a good thing for all of us who have been tying to get together and do stuff around here. it's new, so we need members and ideas to get this thing off the ground. we can make this thing great.

Don't forget to introduce yourself once you're on!

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