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This was posted by Lou on the Skulls line, and as he does not have access here, I told him I would post it. There are three people already signed up for tires, but he would like more, as the better the quantity, the better the price for everyone. Please contact Lou directly,

For anyone who does not know it, Lou started this year on a RD350, and won the class!! He is no. 11 USCRA


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From: "lou quintal" <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>
Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2005 6:28 PM
Subject: [skullsgroup] AVON RACE COMPOUND TIRES AT COST!!!


> To anyone interested. I can get these tires at cost
> price from my dad. He has a small independent repair
> shop for atvs/and motorcycles. I pitched him the idea
> of selling the club some tires and he agreed. Here is
> what we have to do. 20 or more tires have to be
> purchased. Sales tax will be required because all the
> money is going through me. I will need payment in full
> from everyone before the tires will be ordered. I can
> get the tires as far as Portland ME for free. I will
> be at the May 10th Hawk track day and will deliver
> them there for free. If you absolutely can't wait I
> will ship them if you pay the freight. Attached is a
> page with all the race tires and part#'s. If you email
> me the part #'s I can get you a price. I will require
> everyone to give me the part # of the tires they want.
> It will be difficult if not impossible to do returns
> so you want to make sure the Part#'s you give me are
> correct. Any questions feel free to email or call me.
> My cell # is 207.650.9208
> Louie

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I went over this issue with him, and Lou is such an honest innocent fellow that he just wants to help out Club Members. I am serious. His intentions are good.

i think if there is an issue with pete, pete should bring it up, as Lou is not trying to do any one any harm.


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I've been to Pete's to buy tires, and it was my distinct impression that Lou's offer would not in any way affect his business. I love Pete for who he is and what he does (oh god-is he reading this).

I AM NOT A ****. Joe and Arron are.

Is Aaron in Germnay again?

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