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One of the reasons I went with the Dunlops was the way D'angelo praised them in the rain. I've run them twice in the wet and have been very happy with them...I don't have enough experience in the wet on the Avons to pass any judgement there.

most of my weight back there. I can count how many times I've exited corners to have the back end do two or three quick slip and grips that in my baised opinion probably would have been a high/low side with Avons. No I have no hard evidence to prove that.
Lol.... D'angelo is slow enough to make ChinShins work well....

Actually, my first race bike (RD200) had chenShins on them. They worked pretty well until it rained.

If you're running the Avon Roadrunner Universal, they're crap. Well, they're not crap, but I hate that blocky tread pattern right at the edge of the tire. Very unsettling when leaned over. They stick very well, and are excellent in the rain, but I don't like they way they feel.

The AM20/AM22 combination I'm running on my RD (90front,110rear) work very well in the wet or dry. Now that my bike is putting out more power, I'm starting to run into traction issues in the rear, which is being affected by the weight bais of the bike and too stiff shock springs. This year I plan on softer springs, a slightly extended swingarm, and to give the Dunlops a try.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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