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i've heard lots on this arguement here in this thread and for the past couple years in many conversations amongst former teammates and competitors.

i think it comes down to confidence. i spent the past summer changing lots of modern sportbike tires, from pirelli supercorsas, dunlop gpa's, michelin pilots, b-stones too..... after numerous conversations with these dudes i conclude that it all comes down to the rider's general experience with said rubber company.

o.k., apples and oranges i agree between a modern sportbike tire and a vintage treaded compound. i've crashed before on both my derbi (avon roadrunner 90/90 16" shod) and my cb350 also avon shod. neither time did i feel my bike "step out" due to a poorly constructed tire, greasy, or just plain old and worn out. i did have a minor crash at summit in practice on a set of dunlops on my rs125, but those were old slicks, and probably not warm/hot enough (no warmers) to be trying the manuever i attempted.

back to vintage..... i never have been concerned too much with weight. let's face it, i'm a skinney bastard! at 6'1" and 137lbs (without gear), i always figured that i pretty much have a few pound advantage on the average racer. i've seen friends swear by avons and others by dunlops. i've even seen fellows run dunlop fronts and avon rears, convinced that is the set-up (that same dude has won to many races at uscra/ahrma/and wera to argue with), so be it, i still think it is a chevy -vs- ford debate.

champ, i think you should try the dunlops, and do your own experimentation. it isn't like your financing a new mortgage. i bet if you don't like them after a day or two someone on this board would gladly take them off your hands.

that is my two-cents.


p.s.- r.c. barker for dunlops, vintage specialties for avons.
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