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Hey guys I have arrived in fla its sunny and warmer then the northeast .Im moving the rest of my stuf down the first week of jan .
I can see its going to take me a while to set up and build bikes Im glad I have WAR HORSE with me .I dont know when Ill have time to build or even finish boxer at the mooment as Ill be doing other things for a bit.I do have a ware house,that the bikes are in for a while ,with my tools.
Its cool to see all the new people that have made them selves known.
Im going to be thinking of those big brakes that 250gpchamp had and the word is had ? champ do you still have them.
let me know.The brake drum with the rim you had ?

Looks like for a little bit Ill be building or should I say adding up grading War Horse into a fine fla cafe racer.

Soon as I get settled...Ill be back.Will be checking in when I can .Should be full reconnected by the 15th of jan.

Cafe The Nation!!
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