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back to my roots

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After having my arm twisted allot by my little lady I finally did it. I picked up a two seater bike so we can both ride again. <img src=icon_smile_sad.gif border=0 align=middle> Yeah its probally best because the rd400 was just getting alittle too nuts for me(I like my speed), and was going to kill me. So I resorted back to my roots with a plain jain bone stock 8000mile cb360T. Kind of funny because thats what I had when I first started dating her two years ago. I'm not scared to take the axe/chop saw to this one, but the one rule is I need to keep a 2 person bike. Any sugesstions on which route I should go here?
Here is my idea. Ditch the turns, stock mirrors, bars, tail light, pipes, plate mount, tool box, air box, side covers, center stand, ect. Basically anything that can free up a pound or two here and there. Then add superbiker bars, UNI POD filters, custom hand bent 2 into 2 shorty pipes with mufflers, a stock honda flat seat, bob the fenders about 3-4 inches back. Then if I get really bored I have some mag rims laying around which I can toss under it which will invole a disk brake swap in the rear. For the look of the mags it might be a pain in the butt. Colors silver frame, black mags, tank, and assecories. Shave the emblems off the tank too.
What you guys think? Or any ideas?
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thank you for keeping it for the 360 i would do a cafe style with a long seat and passenger for me the 750 i want to do a bobber/cafe mix.....dam i love bikes, anybody out there got a $100 BSA for me to tinker with this comming winter??

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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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