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ok, thinking of adding the ever popular custom taillights... well, some pro's and cons would help me out, i'm really watching the stalk type multiple LED type, are they good?? as a pair they may do the job for the solo seat set up i'm working on, but i have officially come to the conclusion that to have the seat made for only myself and my own requirements is very selfish, my brother is learning to ride again! so i will do the solo AND create a removeable cover to cover the rear 1/3 or 1/4 of the current stock seat that resembles one of the baddest cafe's ever Jim Goose's KWAKA from mad max. well, i'd like some idea's or even a source for a similar part. so help me spend my money... nah jk
look down the page to see goose's bike and the tail section i want to make or buy

03 rsv Tuono (STARF8R)
81 cb750f (stolen)
75 cl360 ("Chupa"thingy)

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