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How was it?
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I didn't go because you guys didn't go.

We were having a freakin snow storm here that night. Which would probably have included the banquet area...they are only 1.5 hours south of me.
How's Keith doing? Is he going to be racing next year?

Long story...but I've known Keith for about 30 years. We spent some time in the Navy together.
If I went I might have gotten enraged and had to have my gang beat you up.
And then Mary would have to give you mouth to mouth...and it would have gotten very ugly.

Besides....Aaron didn't go.
Mike the bike went to cars...hated it, came back. Thought the car guys were nuts.
JohnnyB'd die of a heart attack due to Mary's excessive hotness.
You'd seize up like a cheap two stroke. Ohhh but then you're used to that so maybe you'd be ok!
I was real happy about Jordan and his race team. Just what the sport needed was some cross over might seem ass backwards to US...but to the rest of the country Jordan's involvment gives legitamacy to the sport of road racing.
I'm sure there were some BIG money sponsors looking at the press Jordan and road racing were getting.
So you hatin David Letterman and his team? And Paul Newman and his team? Or are you just a Klan member???
What's LOUD TEX got to say about this huh? Have you talked to him about it? I think he'll have something to say.
1 - 9 of 29 Posts
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