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How was it?
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Stein broke his ankle? Damn, I was there and I didn't know that. I drove a Saab 9000 Turbo with ruined suspension over Route 2 between Charlemont and North Adams in the blizzard. Spools up pretty easy in that weather with a turbocharged front wheel drive car.
I thought the banquet was pretty fun, but especially the brunch at Keith Hussey's on the morning after. Good food and good stories.
Sucked you guys didn't make it.

are you refering to his retiring from the bulls, playing baseball, retiring, then playing basketball again, retiring, then managing basketball, and getting fired.

or are you refering to his enterance into motorcycle racing and the world press kissing his ass like he is some f'ing moto messiah?!?!?!

imho, nothing looks dumber than a 6'9" man trying to ride a motogp bike (see roadracingworld -jordan on ducati pixs).

i think he should play professional chess.

or just jump in the grave and die.

tex "hatin' this morning" mawby
You are hatin'. I don't recall, "the world press kissing his ass like he is some f'ing moto messiah".
I recall him starting a race team and giving roadracers a chance to make money. And in turn exposing a world of Jordan fans to the world of motorcycle racing.
You wouldn't have ridden a MotoGP bike if someone gave you the chance? INNNNNcorrect.

you guys should have gone...would've seen bob driving a radical sidecar
Is that Parker "parks61" Heath?
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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