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How was it?
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are you refering to his retiring from the bulls, playing baseball, retiring, then playing basketball again, retiring, then managing basketball, and getting fired.

or are you refering to his enterance into motorcycle racing and the world press kissing his ass like he is some f'ing moto messiah?!?!?!

imho, nothing looks dumber than a 6'9" man trying to ride a motogp bike (see roadracingworld -jordan on ducati pixs).

i think he should play professional chess.

or just jump in the grave and die.

tex "hatin' this morning" mawby
You are hatin'. I don't recall, "the world press kissing his ass like he is some f'ing moto messiah".
I recall him starting a race team and giving roadracers a chance to make money. And in turn exposing a world of Jordan fans to the world of motorcycle racing.
You wouldn't have ridden a MotoGP bike if someone gave you the chance? INNNNNcorrect.

you guys should have gone...would've seen bob driving a radical sidecar
Is that Parker "parks61" Heath?
I was real happy about Jordan and his race team. Just what the sport needed was some cross over might seem ass backwards to US...but to the rest of the country Jordan's involvment gives legitamacy to the sport of road racing.
I'm sure there were some BIG money sponsors looking at the press Jordan and road racing were getting.
great, start a race team. and then have your team actually win some races. seems like mr jordan is in a lot of photos while his "riders" take a back seat. oh, i guess their not that important huh? well i guess the press has to talk about something. when his team doesn't make any news, we might as well cover mr. jordan taking a victory lap on some bike. please factories give this guy a bike to ride, we promise you some press too. how naive! hell your probably wearing nike!

tex "still hatin' the jumpman" mawby
So you hatin David Letterman and his team? And Paul Newman and his team? Or are you just a Klan member???
What's LOUD TEX got to say about this huh? Have you talked to him about it? I think he'll have something to say.
I have nothing against Jordan. I just think if he retired the first time he would have gone out with a btter bang. I don't want to see Rossi leave and come back to have his invinsibility shattered.

tex, the other joe got your trophy. sory dude. rick and i tried for it but that guy can be pretty quick when he knows there some kind of promoting to do. rick, how was that headache. i thik frank asked cathy to take you home about a dozen times at the end of the night. its a good thing mikes van is so big. i needed something with alot of bright lights and big to follow back to 91 that night. was it snowing??

hey z, nice seein ya.

and seeing spin was an extra treat.


lance is faster. he grabbed it from joe and gave it to me. i just wanted you to do my acceptance speech in thong.

when you comin' for those pipes?

maybe i'll swing up one night this week. next weekend i have to entertain the parents. so thats out. i might be grounded from the car this week. (power steering shit the bed while i was up north, of course its my fault) the road hungry saturn really hates anyplace north of louden. anyway, ill ring ya up. glad you got yer wood. sorry you missed it all. it was quite the show.

21 - 29 of 29 Posts
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