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My guess is the rectifier is bad. That is the usual suspect. However, get out your volt meter and see what you have. With a fully charged battery(don't cheat on this part), start up the bike and check the voltage at the battery. As the rpms rise, the voltage should also rise to about 13.5 volts. If it doesn't then I would check for loose connections/broken wire connectors. Then I would test the rectifier. There is a simple reistance test for it but you will need the manual for it cause I don't remember the wire pairs that need to be tested. The bottom line is that there should be current flow in one direction and not in the other direction for any given wire pair.
If possible I would just test it by replacing it with another known good rectifier. If that isn't it then check the stator. Again a manual will give resistance values for the coils.

Good luck, a little diagnosis and testing goes a long way in electrical problems.


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