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who do i go to to buy a bellypan from? i'm sick of zip tying a painter's tray to the bottom of my 350. can anybody help?

scott from chicago
ahrma #527
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Another alternative;
I just bought a bellypan from thois gentleman. Quick turnaround and good quality. Not nearly as light at Tannnermatics though.

Contact [email protected]

It is a universal pan that will fit almost any bike with a width of 12" or less (frame lowers or engine). It is all fiberglass. There may be need for some slight trimming but not much if any for the SV (for exhaust clearance and such). Fiberglass holds up to heat very well. If it does touch the pipe it will only rub off the paint from vibration. It is a hand made pan and isn't as pretty as a factory fairing but I try my best. with a powder coating and good paint job it might be close. If you have any questions and want to talk rather than type, call 334-396-0085. If you want one shipped to you send $65 (pan and shipping) to:

Will Harding
6805 Willowick Rd
Montgomery, AL 36116

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1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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