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Bike Setups per track

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It sounds like you guys have all been around for a while and definitely know your shit (which I admittedly do NOT).. could anyone give me some hints on what they have found to be good bike setups for the different tracks up “here”.. Beaver,VIR,NHIS for front and rear sprocket’s. I have read things about VIR like “have an extra book to read…” Keep in mind the only bike I have raced, as is, is the 350F that I think everyone on this board has raced at one time or another and that is at NHIS.
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just bring whatever gearing you have. then take a look at what people are running. my pri and sec are easily seeable. my shits cut away, so its there for all to see. tex runs his, and there are a few other guys runnning stocker cbs. so you'll have some bikes to look at. a good thing to do is write shit down and also take pics. it all helps when youre learning. (or have mike tell you 15 times until you actually do it)

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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