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bikes f/s

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SOLD: two 1974 yamaha 175 enduros for sale. comes with third parts bike (basket) for $1000.00

SOLD: 1972 honda cb450. bike is a 9 out of 10 cosmetically. comes with two extra motors (one together, one bagged and tagged), frame, and extras for $1000.00

SOLD: two bridgestones (1968-69). one is a markII 200cc twin and the other a 175cc twin. comes with an extra frame and motor. make an offer.

two rail (tilting) motorcycle trailer $500.00

i can deliver a combination trailer and bikes this weekend to the new york or boston area.

let me know if you need pixs.

sorry for the short notice. questions ask here or email me offline:

[email protected]


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you are tryib to get me to make some skins for that aprilla aren't ya.... i am in the middle of tank fabbing.. maybe i will build them mid winter

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