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Bikes for sale in Baltimore, MD

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I have a buddy in Baltimore that wants to sell some bikes. Here is what he has for sale. If interested, PM me your email and I can send you some pictures and put you in touch with the seller. Cheers, Tex

--'89 gb500, stock except for nx650motor upgrade [650cc] with 41mm flatslide mikuni and supertrapp exhaust. new tires, fresh tuneup,etc. it is listed on philadelphia craigslist right now. and on adventure rider. $4,200

--swiss army condor, titled as a '77, one of 2300 made between '73-'78. softly tuned350 ducati motor, saddle bags. as delivered to swiss army. also listed on adventure rider.


--cb350 honda race bike-32mm mikuni's, megacycle cam, s&w valves,springs,etc., flowed heads, dyna electronic ignition, teflon cam chain tensioner, 350cc wisco pistons with bored cylinders, custom exhaust

[1 1/2"-3" megaphone]. cb750 front end with 4ls water buffalo brake massaged by vintage brake [new shoes, lightened hub, new bearings], $3,000
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