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Biodegradable luggage rack

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Yes, it is made of wood. (It kept my saddlebags from melting on the high pipes.)

Goes like the proverbial violated primate....
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wood is good!!

joe c
loaned my only set of vintage 1968 bags to buddy of mine who was hauling his gear and girl up to maine for the weekend on his bimmer. they caught fire on his pipes. he didnt know so all of his shit fell out onto 93 and anything that was left in the bags was incinerated. kinda serves him right for not buying me new ones.

yeah, i actually saw her kick his ass a few times in the parking lot of the building i used to live in. she was a hardassed chick. she could definitely take and throw a punch. 7th grade was a bad one for me. i wouldnt recommend anyone go through 7th. youre definitely better off getting out after 6th.

oh yeah, incase anyone didnt get it in before, "nice rack"!

it must be all of that snow packed into your ears.

1 - 5 of 26 Posts
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