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You all may have not heard, but we had us a blizzard earlier this week.

Anybody else have any stories?

I knocked the blade clear off my truck doing my neighbor's driveway just to be nice.

My oldest brother has an old Army 1-ton truck with a Western 9' commercial plow on it. He knocked it off and ran it over. Had to get a wrecker to lift the truck up so they could get the blade out from under it. <-that shit's funny

Got my old man's tractor with the 8' snowblower on the back buried tonight. Finally found a dude with a backhoe to come fetch me. He couldn't pull it. Had to put the outriggers and bucket down and use the dipper to drag me out.

Thought I was going to get in a physical altercation this afternoon over me piling snow on a property that's not mine.

All in all I'm just hayseed enough to think I've had a hell of a lot of fun this week.
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