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I've got an SMH10 and like how it works. I bought it before a long road trip and even with 12 hour days the battery never went dead. It wasn't as loud as I'd like but some of that had to do with the helmet and the bike too I suppose.

Getting back to the 10U I just got;
To sum it up, the main unit is fine, but the remote pretty much sucks. For just listening to music it'll work out fine. If I can change the settings to the damn thing doesn't beep every time I touch a control I'll be a lot happier. And if I can figure out how to mount the remote so ti doesn't move around I'll be happier... but over all I'd like an option with a more permanent mount for the controls on the bars.
I don't think there is a way to shut off the beeps, but I did figure out why they were so loud compared to the music volume. I need to have my phone volume maxed to bring the music level up to the beep level. I also put the remote on the grip instead of by the switchgear. It doesn't move around as much there but obviously it leaves less room for my hand, which I can deal with, but it's hard to use the turn signal button without hitting the Sena controls also (and getting more beeps...)

So after a few more hours of use I have to stick with my initial thoughts that the main unit is fine but the remote is tolerable at best. I'll probably get used to it but I'd much prefer a more robust mount for the remote. Put a permanent mount on the bars and then have a remote that clips onto that maybe? I also already forgot to take it with me when I got off the bike once. If it gets stolen it will REALLY piss me off to have to spend the money to buy a new one since I don't really like it anyway!

If I knew then what I know now, would I have still bought it instead of mounting my SMH10 on there? Hard to say... probably not. Then again, the GT Air is the quietest helmet I've owned, I'm not sure if the SMH10 would add any wind noise or not? It is pretty slick not to have external clues the helmet is wired for sound. And you can use the thing with no remote, but the face shield has to be raised to get to the controls so it's really supposed to be more of an "emergency" feature.
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