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I got 1984 BMW K Series and I want to turn it on CR but my big issue right now is find the WHEELS because I want to take a pair of 17-inch spokes rims and I don’t know what to do!
I’ll attach a couple picture below so you guys can have a idea what exactly what I looking for!
I appreciate y’all!


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Look like they are aftermarket tubeless wheels possibly intended for a BMW R nine T scrambler
Should cost you about 3 grand+ or roughly close to your K bikes worth.

... early K100 has almost no clearance for wider then stock rims and tires on the rear.
This might be useful: BMW motorcycle wheels
From the write-up on the bike in the pictures above: "They took a pair of 17-inch rims, finished them off in bronze, and adjusted the offset of the rear wheel to align it with the frame."
Your biggest challenge is; how exactly do you adjust the rear wheel offset to align it with the frame when the shaft driven rear wheel is directly attached to the engine and transmission :unsure: This part reads like a physical impossibility considering the K-bike frame is also directly attached to the engine and transmission, you'd have to offset the entire frame and front wheel to the left just as much as the rear wheel offset. If you figure that part out please do share.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts