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BMW R 9 Racer 2017 3000 mi.

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3000+ a little.
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3000+ a little.
Sorry I screwed up the original For Sale post.I
I've got a 2017 BMW R 9 Racer for sale. The story with this motorbike is as follows. Last September the first I was quietly riding my BMW up US highway one. when I was about 30 feet away a clueless woman pulled directly into my path. Even tho I was not going very fast (they say it's not the speed it's the sudden stop) it still did considerable damage to my body. While I was in hospital an insurance adjuster came out and looked the motorbike over. He determined it was a total on the wrote me a check. My wife, knowing I'd want to ride ASAP found a replacement on line. When I got home there was a almost new (1000 mi) motorbike. This said when I could crutch out and look at my crashed bike closely I found that it was no where near being totaled. With no frame damage no real body damage (1 fairing side was scraped) we chose to buy the thing and repair it. As the old motorbike had many extra bits we chose to just swap everything over to the new bike and vise a versa.

What I offer for sale is a totally OEM 2017 BMW R 9 Racer with about 3000 miles on it. Bike looks great rides great . The down side to my story is the motorbike has a salvage title. I can;t ride a bike yet so if someone wants this scooter the need to give me time to either have one of my race riders walk it through the CHP and git it signed off or I'll be able to get it done fairly soon (I hope)..................................or you can just take it and do it yourself.

My race pardner and with me with a walker have replaced all the damage bits with new or almost new (from the bike my wife got me) bits so you can't tell it ever had a shunt. The bent forks is, I'm sure what totaled the bike in the eyes of the adjuster.

So what I am offering is this. I'm building 4 Race motorbikes to go over seas next year my shops are full and I just need the room. Please make me a REASONABLE offer. The bike is in northern California. This said we have shipped motorbikes all over the world so if someone wanted to buy it on spec. we can ship it to you almost anywhere.

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