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BMW R100RS Cafe Racer Race tires, Does anyone know where to get these?!

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Hey guys,

Does anyone know what size these tires are and where to get them? The rims are 19 in front and 18 in back. Standard for alot of the R's. I have the same rims, But i want these tires. Not sure where I found this pick so i cant ask the owner if he went 120 or 130 on the back, or if thats too dangerous or any of that information. I think the stock is 110-120. Or at least i have 116 at the back.
Anyone have any knowledge or opinions on them? Would be great help. ;):rolleyes:

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Well they are Avons.....but I am guessing you knew that.

They look like roadriders to me, which Avon sells specifically for the R100 in non metric sizes (3.25-19 front and 4.00-18 rear).

Roadrider | Avon Tyres
hahah Yea thanks,

wow ok thats what I have already, 3.25 and 4.0. But boring standard tires, But these looked so much bigger/ wider, I thought he may have pushed the sizes a little more!

Thanks for that, Legend.
FWIW I have Avons on my brothers 1979 cb750F (that used to be mine) and they are excellent tires. Never had a complaint and the size and weight of the bike is about the same as your beemer.
Sweet! K so im trying to understand this table, I only see the non metric size for the front.
So Front id be getting,

Roadrider AM26 (universal) 3.25-19 54V 2.15 1.85 - 2.50 98 3.9 664 26.1 5.0
Roadrider AM26 (front) 90/90-19 52V 2.15 1.85 - 2.50 99 3.9 647 25.5 5.0
Whats the difference here? Which would look more like the ones int his picture?

And for REAR none of them say the nonmetric size Im guessing between
Roadrider AM26 (rear) 120/80-18 62V MT2.75 2.50 - 3.00 120 4.70 652 25.7 7.5
Roadrider AM26 (rear) 120/90-18 65V MT2.75 2.50 - 3.00 129 5.1 675 26.6 7.5

OR I heard u can go one size up from your rim and still be ok, So technically i could go
Roadrider AM26 (rear) 130/80-18 (66V) MT2.75 2.50 - 3.50 137 5.4 672 26.5 7.5
Roadrider AM26 (rear) 130/70-18 (63V) MT3.50 3.00 - 4.00 133 5.2 649 25.6 7.5

I understand the second number there, 80 and 70 mean its relative depth, So the 70s would look more angled outwards from the rim because they have less profile? Is that right?
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Also any chance u have a pic of your brothers CB750 F? Would be awesome to get another view of them.
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