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Bought a Race Bike, Whats Next????

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I just bought a CL 350 race bike to run in USCRA formula CB. After that I really know nothing about what I need to do. I have only seen one race, beside participating in the moto Giro.

Any advice on anything appreciated. I need to know about schools, safty gear, just about everything.

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monkey - - PISS OFF. You wanker. You suck. Just because you're from NY and I'm from NJ. And Tiloghamnn, why don't you get a real last name. Where's Branson?

PS. I've been thinking about racing in cb350 again. Just to hold you all back.
don't forget to join the skulls list (that USED to be a requirement of uscra vintage racing)
yo JD we going to VIR agin?
1 - 3 of 38 Posts
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