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Bought a Race Bike, Whats Next????

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I just bought a CL 350 race bike to run in USCRA formula CB. After that I really know nothing about what I need to do. I have only seen one race, beside participating in the moto Giro.

Any advice on anything appreciated. I need to know about schools, safty gear, just about everything.

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I'm up in Saratoga....I'll help you with anything you need.
Racing has got a few do's and don'ts but othe than that it's just a bunch of fun. Just about every street rider I've seen has adapted to it just fine. Your first year may suck...they almost always do. Mostly mechanical issues.

Evil, in my mind I always call TT, Tim Tightman....cause I saw his name mispelled on the scoring sheets and it stuck in my mind forever. Tight-Man....I like the sound of that. He's a man...he's tight. Which can mean drunk, stingy or sexually desirable.
(Then came Branson) (parenthetical content)
Parker and Tim sitting in a tree.....

Holy shit...TT answered everyone's post in a single post. Extreme internet kudos for that. And hey...I like JB Gray, even a beginner can do a great paint job.'d have to be behind me to see me crash (3 times this year) and I don't recall you ever being behind me this year.
Look out when I get the monster 240cc engine built.

Ahh turn 12 low speed face plant.

I hope you guys behind me know I did that for you. I could have freakin nailed that T500 brake and stood the bike up on the front wheel and probably made the turn..but I knew the guys right behind me would pile into me. Then I thought of just goosing it over the grass onto the straight...but I knew you guys would be exiting 12 just about I locked up that big brake in the grass just to prevent a mulit bike pile up. You guys were pressing would have been nasty.
1 - 4 of 38 Posts
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