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Bought a Race Bike, Whats Next????

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I just bought a CL 350 race bike to run in USCRA formula CB. After that I really know nothing about what I need to do. I have only seen one race, beside participating in the moto Giro.

Any advice on anything appreciated. I need to know about schools, safty gear, just about everything.

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Casper (the I wanna lap Alex on the first run),

Parenthesis is a big no... no.... Tim how long you been knowing this tool? I like you Pete because your sort of Bi-lingual (dont have a choice - ask the wife), but I've added you to my list of I must take you down the old dirty bastard way.

List includes as of now:
- Pete Caspereta (twinkle toe)
- Joe Panzy
- Monkey Butt Tanner - You are currently the lowest on the list because once I'm done you will be T bagged! My bike is not pretty and no I did not waste money as most of my shit goes to Tim's spare parts for falling so much.

Notice that I left out Timmy. Let's just say he's gifted when we play football and he's in the recieving end :)


Soto Moto
Shaolin represented!

"Dude just connect the dots on the track and you'll be ok"

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LOL... Well said Tex, Bravo for speaking the truth!

I rather be labeled, JPweld or nice looking bike - but does it run. But not that!


"Dude just connect the dots on the track and you'll be ok"

that shit is dope. I'm in.

Soto Moto!

"Dude just connect the dots on the track and you'll be ok"
1 - 3 of 38 Posts
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