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Bought a Race Bike, Whats Next????

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I just bought a CL 350 race bike to run in USCRA formula CB. After that I really know nothing about what I need to do. I have only seen one race, beside participating in the moto Giro.

Any advice on anything appreciated. I need to know about schools, safty gear, just about everything.

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you could try here i s'pose. carl took over the hawk school. other people here probably know more about it.

common sense should dictate the rest. good boots, leathers, gloves, and a good helmet. the uscra rule book spells it out. go to school, get your license, then youre pretty much ready to race with any club around. oh yeah, get ready to have alot of fun.

im beating mine right now.....oh...ahh....ooops.

i never understood how you can type english better than you can speak it....

love you man, in the odb way.

1 - 3 of 38 Posts
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