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Bought a Race Bike, Whats Next????

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I just bought a CL 350 race bike to run in USCRA formula CB. After that I really know nothing about what I need to do. I have only seen one race, beside participating in the moto Giro.

Any advice on anything appreciated. I need to know about schools, safty gear, just about everything.

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you don't have to worry about passing tight-man, as he'll probably over cook t3 and take you out himself.

LOL... Well said Tex, Bravo for speaking the truth!

I rather be labeled, JPweld or nice looking bike - but does it run. But not that!


"Dude just connect the dots on the track and you'll be ok"
Tex - yeah, my Tim's own admission, the handle constant gardener was given to him, not because of his day job, but because he is always in the weeds. My idea is to plant tomatoes off of the bowl so after he cooks t6 I can jumb the fence and have some nice fried green tomatoes for lunch.

no really over and out!

To get to point B from point A is much more fun if you go via points C thru Z!
Yo, Tim, I didn't know you had such a rep for crashing!? I thought that time watched you drive off the outside of the bowl was a fluke thing. That's what I get for not racing with you guys anymore, I miss out on this stuff.

hey guys
stop knocking tim...he rides well and i never saw him crash.
he's a nice guy too.
Parker and Tim sitting in a tree.....

you're a good rider too and i never saw you crash either.
and i like you too. a lot.
Note - I say all that I say without having raced a lap on roadcourse in my, maybe this time next year we'll be saying the same thing bout me. I don't think we hurt tim's feelins'..."Feelings...nothing moooore then feelings...."

To get to point B from point A is much more fun if you go via points C thru Z!
we should have a wanker cup!!! whoever wins will be king of the wankers.


that shit is dope. I'm in.

Soto Moto!

"Dude just connect the dots on the track and you'll be ok"
alright...pancakes or no, it's on.

tex, i'm no more one of "your bitches" and if you'd show for a race or two at NHIS i'd show you what i've learned in T3.

dom, you gotta go fast to break parts, well the rest of us do. but you do look good in red and JB gray, even at a zippy 6K rpm.

vile. yeah, you need to come 350 racing again, you're getting a little lofty and judgemental lately, besides you'll feel a little better when a 350 passes you when your on one too.

(pete, this is the first time i've even come close to being cocky(and that's after two seasons)(oh, and drop the beemer/ironbutt/superduty tour signiture in your messages,(this is racing))).

jeff, no doubt you'll beat MOST of the wankers. most folks do beat MOST of the wankers most of the time, and the odds are going up next season with an addition to the Wanker Racing Group (god help me).

zack, i've played up the crashing thing. vile saw me at the first school and my bike was crap in the pm ...too rich and couldn't finish a session when it heated up. i was on the side of the track every time out and he just made assumptions. then i did take a good fall in my 3rd practice before racing and took JnotthatD out in T3 with bad braking in my first race, and almost got tex there too. a couple of rain crashes this season my first time to summit point and one coming out of T2 at NHIS. i've seen JB crash that many times in one race and still make the podium.

jb, you can call me anything that turns you on...and tight-man works for me if it works for you. now can i get a tour of that pretty blue 5th wheel?

and if he see's fit, Parker and i will be holding class next season. he'll have to school me first but i'm hoping to graduate from wanker to dillweed one year soon.

oh, and tanner, you know you're a wanker at this point, right?

and JackC, welcome to the grid, it's a hoot.

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Holy shit...TT answered everyone's post in a single post. Extreme internet kudos for that. And hey...I like JB Gray, even a beginner can do a great paint job.'d have to be behind me to see me crash (3 times this year) and I don't recall you ever being behind me this year.
Look out when I get the monster 240cc engine built.

I felt the need to post something on this thread although I have nothing of real value to add.
you can place these in whatever order you see fit...

I came, I wanked, I crashed

John "JD" Donovan
Oh yeah... now I remember... Jack you can call Johnny up and he can explain how to do a splenctomy via email or by phone... I know he's guided me through a few tripple bypass surgeries.. and one of these days I'll have a survivor...

J "extra parts when I'm done putting it back together" D
yo JD we going to VIR agin?
Tim and all - I got rid of the BMW inspired post script on my posts. I was inspired to do so b/c I went to Max's BMW yesterday on my r100 for his thanksgiving gathering and felt really out of place. My self, ben's comando and an r90s huddled in the corner battling off guys who wanted to talk heated gear and plug in GPS units. As I was leaving I fired up the big boxer and the EPCO sport pea shooters seem to acquire some rather interesting looks.... I am happy that the one hot girl there walked by and said she like the cafe bikes in the corner..... god knows she wasn't talking about the owners...we're a motley crew! I called yesterday to ask about the steering stem bearing races...see other post.


Ask not what the wanker can do for you, but what you can do for your wanker!

i've seen branseeney crash, very gaceful,yea i was behind him but i as i remember, i won that race.

tt, you're getting around nhis pretty darn fast his past season, good job.

wankers rule dude

parks and johnny sitting in a tree......

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Ahh turn 12 low speed face plant.

I hope you guys behind me know I did that for you. I could have freakin nailed that T500 brake and stood the bike up on the front wheel and probably made the turn..but I knew the guys right behind me would pile into me. Then I thought of just goosing it over the grass onto the straight...but I knew you guys would be exiting 12 just about I locked up that big brake in the grass just to prevent a mulit bike pile up. You guys were pressing would have been nasty.
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