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Branson International Race Course

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Been logging a lot of hours on the tractor getting the trail done on the back 12. Not so much a a trail....but you could go fast if you wanted to hurt yourself. About 8' feet wide in most places, about a 3/4 mile loop around the property. Back before the loggers messed it up I used to do it on my quad in about 2 minutes. One last big project, another bridge over the creek.

I got bit by a lot of bugs. Now I'm Itchy Itcherson.

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Nah...just installed one, I going to try to bridge the creek with rocks and then cover in dirt. There is like a 200 year old bridge already over one part of the creek that's built this way...just giant rocks on the botton that the water can flow through, then smaller rocks on top...then dirt. Seems to have held up well over the years. And I've got a ton of rocks.
It's one of the approaches to the creek that will be the real problem, about 20 feet of very soft wet ground that will require a lot of fill. Once I'm over the creek it's just some stumps and rocks to move for the next 1/2 mile...then back over the creek on the old bridge and some fill to get back up to the house area. Tons of good fill once I get across the creek though.
Track will vary from a bit of mud to dry leafy runs through close quarter trees. Along scenic stone walls and leafy hardwood canopies. Call it a "Race Trail" nothing requiring Trials skills, but a few lock up the rear tire and turn type corners. Dodging the odd root or stone will be necessary until trouble spots are located and removed. Noise is not really an issue as I'm surrounded by hundreds of acres of empty land.
Access for vehicles and camping during the dry months June-Oct. Crap in the woods. Some water and electricity can be made available.

Trying very hard right now to resist buying a quad...nothing beats a qaud for breaking in a trail.

Anyone interested in a 1976 Hodaka Dirt Squirt, running condition, about 8.5 out of ten condition. $1000 takes it.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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