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Branson International Race Course

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Been logging a lot of hours on the tractor getting the trail done on the back 12. Not so much a a trail....but you could go fast if you wanted to hurt yourself. About 8' feet wide in most places, about a 3/4 mile loop around the property. Back before the loggers messed it up I used to do it on my quad in about 2 minutes. One last big project, another bridge over the creek.

I got bit by a lot of bugs. Now I'm Itchy Itcherson.

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Dr. b
now that you've built it, we will come. first question; gearing. will i need a stump puller final drive ratio? will my fairing help with the they bite through abraided leathers? what about noise? are your dogs on leashes or is there an electronic burried fence? got an out house? and if so, is it a two holer?
p.s. i know mary is a nurse, but what happens when she's running in the fifty race and someone falls down? most of us guys won't accept mouth to mouth from you.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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