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most everything i ride leaks oil
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I've always just run my breather hose into a soda can zip tied to the frame/battery box

i do more or less the same thing

this is a triumph 650, which used an open breather hose from stock that just ran to the end of the rear mudguard. the one here is a 0.75-inch tube 72 inches long, with an inner volume of 31 cubic inches. along with the catch bottle at around 29 cubic inches this gives 60 inches of shielded breather to match the 40 inches of tidal volume that the 360-degree engine produces. so there's little opportunity for road grit to be sucked all the way through to the crankcase. by the time any crankcase gases get to the end they're so cold that the oil mist turns to goo. there's also two smaller lines from the rocker boxes.

simple is better, to my way of thinking.
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