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I'm offering my B'stone 175 for sale. This bike has three races on it, makes an honest 20bhp, and has potential to make appx 27 to 28 bhp, a lot of this with just the addition of 22mm carbs (currently running 19mm stock carbs). The heads have been milled .020, the rotary valves cut back 1/8th inch (they can be cut another 1/8th), the pistons grooved in front of the exhaust ports 1/16th, the bike has Smolenski chambers on it, new Avons on shouldered alloy rims with Vintage brakes on the front, Ceriani baby forks, glass tank, full complement of sprockets (wish I had had these when I ran the bike as it isn't wound out at the end of the straight with the one on it currently). A very light and good handling machine with plenty more potential. Also comes with an extra freshly rebuilt crank and an NOS set of pistons and rings (chrome bore). I am asking $2000, less than I have in it. Email me for pics' at [email protected] . Phone is 518 674 4045
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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