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Bridgestone Killer....( I hope)

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Just talked to Mike Rich today. He says my head should be out the door on Friday... I'm praying.

Man this guy is thorough. He's gone 1mm oversize on both valves, added septums to the intake ports, matched the intakes to the ports, polished the chambers, shaped the valve recesses, cut new valves from blanks. Flow benched the whole thing a dozen times. Says I have enough spring to go another .050" valve lift (not that I want to). He even Rockwell hardness tests all the components he uses.

I've got no doubt this will be the best breathing 175 head ever put on a track. Whether that will translate into HP I have no idea. But I'm thinking if it was smoking a would inhale....a lot.
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Sounds pretty impressive. I better learn how to ride mine sooner than later. I'd like to see one of these with 24hp with a nice curve... right now I'm just hoping for 22 with a nice curve.

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