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Ok gents:

I’m sure you guys (and GNG [or any other women on this board]) have picked up that I’d rather build a bike than ride it. But since the weather had been nice here in TX, I decided to brave the Dallas traffic and ride to work—30 miles one way. A mile from the office, the lower CL pipe decided to leave the bike…for the second time.

So I now need to redo the exhaust system. I want to do all stainless, but it’s always hard to pry cash out of my wife’s grip during summer months. Plus, I want to practice TIGing stainless a bit before I start cutting up $300 worth of material.

I think the route to go is to just use some CB350 pipes. I’m fed up with the CL pipes and want to just use regular under mount pipes. So does anyone have any available? I’m not really concerned with the condition because I’m going to paint them.

Also, a few months ago, I came across a member here that had some CNC stainless (or maybe it was 6061-T6) exhaust clamps; the ones that hold the pipe to the head. The guy was selling them really cheaply. Do guys know who it was?

--Any help is appreciated, Chris
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