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Just a note saying that the Bultaco project isn't dead. It isn't undead yet, either. It's patiently waiting in one corner of the basement. The Bride of Bultakenstein is still getting my attention. The Bultaco was starting to feel futile and unrewarding; I'm having a lot of fun with this one. Not only is it much less ambitious in scope, but I'm much less emotionally invested. I don't have a bunch of bucket-list hopes and dreams on the line if it turns out crappy.

Since the most recent photo I posted, I have revised the down-tubes and cradle to fit the engine and CVT, and created a kart-style engine mount. I also had to modify the swingarm and add an idler sprocket to the swingarm pivot (visible in the first photo below). The engine is now in, and the chain lines up, so I'm making good progress. It's amazing what a difference not caring about elegance or aesthetics makes.


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