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I'm with Teazer on this - if you can get a title for it then what's the worst that can happen trying to screw the bike together, you can always part it out later.

A project like this you are going to need to make an inventory list. You are going to end up assembling this bike and disassembling it several times so don't think you are superhuman and can just start refinishing parts and bolt it all together once.

the 1974 you wrote earlier was throwing me. It's a 1964? Time to do an inventory list, start with this:
Honda Cl72 Scrambler 1962 Usa / 250 parts list partsmanual partsfiche

here are the microfiches and parts list. Figure out what items you have (In the past I have printed them out and then put a check next to items I could identify as I went through it).
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