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Building a CB350 motor!

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I am planning on purchasing a Cb350 very soon (once I can find one) and want to get some ideas on what I can to do bump up the motor. What are some mods that will increase my power the most? Any suggestions or comments are welcome. Basically I want to have a quick little 350 but dont know what to do with these old motors. Thanks
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Cheap overbore kits are available on ebay; expensive kits are available from Todd Henning Racing

A set of Dyna coils and good wires are a must (use NGK plugs ONLY-Champions or Bosch plugs are poop), electronic ignition upgrades are out there, but as far as I know they are REALLY pricey (like $500). Get some Mikuni VM carbs (Sudco supplies 'em and will even set them up for you If you wanna go as far as cam (Megacycle – parts store item only) and headwork, check Todd Henning Racing for that as well...again, expensive but its the best stuff out there…

350s have a tendency to grind down their cam chain tensioners over time. Both stock replacement and trick ones are out there.

Clymer manuals used to have a repair manual in print that had a hop up section for 350s. Check Amazon or ‘da bay.

Honda go sideways!
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