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building rear sets at parts

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This place has parts for building your own rear sets and they are in Fall River now thats nice for New Englanders and still a good source for the rest of you builders. also a how to post .

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building your own rearsets isn't hard, building your own cool looking rearsets is a little bit more difficult. If you have access to a welder, plate steel and some tubing making your own isn't hard at all. here is a tutorial on how to make forward controls but the same could be done for rearsets, just no using the big axle stock that the forwards use.

Remember that most early dunstall pieces were plat steel and exhaust clamp bolts. It is only later that he got "fancy" and started using aluminum. The original dunstals for a supersport honda I have are heavy as hell (10 lbs at least), probably due to the solid steel foot pegs and thick plate steel brackets.

Since raask and tarozzi break easily I usualy like to go with production pieces from other bikes. mopdern sport bike stuff is so light and strong it is hard to beat. I hear a lot of people use fzr600 rearsets since they are commonly available, and use a pivot on the foot peg bolt through design (later R6 rearsets have the lever mounted on the bracket and not on the peg). Personally I have gotten a few sets from my local triumph dealer when he gets takeoffs or parts out a crashed bike. The set I initially bought were from a T595 (I think 1995). I have since found out that while the brake side for all models (speed triple, t595, daytona) is the same, some of the bikes have the gear selector seperate from the peg (newer speed triples and daytonas mostly). scower ebay and the junkyards, you'll be surprised at what you can turn up with a little ingenuity.
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