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my advise to you is to do your own research and not wonder what we think.

once you have done some research, then you have the right to just openly ask questions and solicit advise here.

and finally, if you are going to modify that bike in ANY way....i highly recommend getting other parts to do it with. i.e.: are you planning on bobbing the fender? well if so, get another one and don't mess with the one that came with it. why get another one when the one you have is there and free? well, when you sell this bike in a year or so, the new owner might want it to be stock and not hacked or modified. keep ALL of your original parts. i.e.: don't sell the stock handlebars to finance the clubmans.

basically, do whatever the [email protected]#% you want to do with the bike. just don't ask stupid questions here without searching and reading the FAQ sections. also thanks for filling out your is minimal, but passable.....yeah, i check these things.

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