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I know it has been a while but there is finaly an update on my GS400 project but I have been busy and broke as I keep having to fix my truck. There is no exhaust on it at the moment as I am having a custom Stainless set bent up for it, It should be on next week. I scrapped the clubmans and picked up a set of clip-ons, they are a bit big but some shimstock should take care of the clearance issues. The seat is about 50% finished as It still needs some more coats of FG and I need to build a support into the back along with make a spot to fit my lights. The speedo mount is kind of ghetto but will work for now. I want to have a top tipple clamp made up out of a solid piece of aluminum. The headlight pot is from an old Triumph and came free of charge from a guy at work as he said he wanted my POS jap bike to have some class. I am looking at about 2-3 more weeks before it is on the road and I am violating various traffic laws.

I have got to make myself some rear sets the stock foot pegs look nasty

Hey someone pas me the wrench........ Ahh screw it where is the torch

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