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Cafe racer build first bike, advice on getting started and choosing/ sourcing a bike

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I'm looking for advice on which bike to chose for my first build and my first bike. I am currently 6'2" and age 15 so looking to be 6'4" most likely, i need help for advice on which kind of models i should be looking for on the market which would fit me for when i can ride and will suit as a good first project cafe bike.

My budget is under £1000 for the base price of the bike ideally under £800, i'm looking at the 70s/ early 80s bikes like the first gen suzuki gsx750, aswell as yamaha xs series, kawasaki z series. I was wondering if you had any advice on specifically which models i should be looking out for within budget that i would also be able to work on, and where i could find a bike in the UK ideally in east anglia or nearby. Also if you have any other advice for me on where to start in relationship with a build it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)
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Okay thanks for the advice, to reword my aim, what i want to build upon my mechanical knowledge and learn to a greater extent the workings of motorcycles, and to finish with a bike that i can certainly call my own that i have gone to work on and built my self. Cafe racers specifically i was drawn to because of the originality of the bikes in that any classic bike that has been made into one its very own and reflects the builder. Essentially to me the attraction of these bikes are that they a showcase an accumulation of the builder's mechanical and creative prowess. I am set on the goal of building my own bike, personally a fairly modern factory built 125cc is not what i am looking for and therefore i could not see my self committing the money i have earned to one. In regards to "tear drop shaped tank" i understand how this should be worded better, and will warrant bad responses to my initial post thanks for the feedback.

Buy a bike that runs. That you can legally ride. Then make it run well and keep it that way.
so its the best to buy a bike strip it down and make it work the best it possibly can? so tune it and clean everything and make it work smoothly before making any alterations to aesthetic
Why are you trolling? If you're real and do it that way, at your age you'll end up with several boxes of junk. Buy a running bike, keep it running.
He's trying to justify his thinking to us. He actually isn't interested in motorcycles, he interested in having people say "isn't that cool" about his art project.
Which is ultimately why he'll fail. Or end up on pipexidrome...still a fail.
1 - 3 of 52 Posts
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