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I am looking for motorcycle frame plans for all other motorcycle other than the chopper or HD bikes.
I would like to find plans to build frames for cafe' racer style bikes, such as Ducati, Triumph, Norton, Honda, Kawasaki etc.
Also, I would like to find plans to build frame jigs for this style of bike.
I have search the net exstensivley, and have found little or no infomation, and the infomation I have received is very vague at best.
Does anybody know where I can find these plans or at least send me in the right direction?

John Gonsalves

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As I have found through a lot of talking with old frame builders, nobody is gonna give you their frame plans for free, and if they do nobody will let you produce one. I have contacted a a few older frame builders and although I have talked about licensing their designs and have access to a few plans I can't produce one frame (not even for myself).

the best thing to do is either modify your existing frame, or read a lot on the subject and build your own. I always liked Tony Foale's design and may do something similar one day:


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I agree no one will show you most known builders just modified exsisting frames till they had something different enough to then make a jig from it and build thier own frames.

Also that euro spares sight will be you source its in that web site somewhere .you just have to look and look and look.I havent yet seen all there is to see at that site lots of info.

And like Geeto say get some books just not new ones as they are all CAD based and use super programs you cant get and use materials and process you cant get either.

the only reason you should look at chopper stuff is to glean tube wall thicknesses used types of metal used DOM ,Chrome Moly, mild steel, if non of these terms are familiar to you get metal crafting books and check out this site for books tool and online how -tos at :

You will see by looking at various frames that the engineers have done a good job ,you may beable to cut of brackets and move a few small things around but over all the frame does what its suposed to do .They are very effecient devices stock.

You may want to stare at frame at a salvage yard that sell bike frame there maybe something you see.
What ever is on your mind feel free to run it by us .


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