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Caferization of BMW R65 - Looking For Good Seat

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Hello all, I am new to the forum.
A few months ago I purchased a 1986 BMW R65. Good condition with about 40K on it. I have disassembled much of it but am beginning to do some research on seats. By happenstance I came across Motorcycles Seats Direct and sent the customer rep. an email. I also contacted in the U.K.

I basically would like to know of some other links for cafe racer style seats besides MSD and FlatRacer.Com

Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.

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First off don't make up words. Caferization? Really?

flatracer stuff is top notch. But you get what you pay for. With unfavorable exchange rates right now I think of everything the have as slightly overpriced. That's the bummer of ordering stuff from overseas.

have you looked at boxer cafe and boxer metal?
Welcome to

boxer cafe will have the seats, boxer metal will have the rear sets and fender eliminator kits you will need. Both are US based and both are small shops willing to work with you on stuff.

MSD is a sponsor here. So rather than upset our evil overlords what I am gong to tell you is go have a look for reviews at adv rider in the airheads section. I have no expirence with the company and cannot speak to the quality or service, but there are people there who have bought seats and posted pics.
Thanks for the links. Glad to work with US based company. Sorry about the terminology "caferization". Bad joke.

I would like to upgrade to the two disks. The other fork has the mountings for it. I upgraded the monoshock and it really helped, also the fork springs. Will look into the fork top clamp modification. I also like the idea of removing the airbox and using one of those covers offered by boxercafe I think to clean up the look of it. Need to read up more about that. My removing the airbox do I need to make other mods to compensate for its absence.

1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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