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Can your CB400Ti/ii(1978/79) get to 95-100mph?

  • Yes (110mph speedometer)

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  • No (110mph speedometer)

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  • Yes (had/has stock 85mph speedometer)

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  • No (had/has stock 85mph speedometer)

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Callin out CB400T hawk owners and Honda gurus

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hey everyone. I am writing from New Delhi and need info regarding the CB400T '78-79 model bikes. These are really hard to find in India and I have found one with a running engine(46k km on the odo).
I wanted to know if these bikes were made differently for different markets performance wise. The bike that I am looking at has a speedometer marked at 140kmh/85mph limit whereas most of the text, pictures and videos that I have come across show a 110mph on the speedometer.
I want to make sure if it is just the markings on the speedometer that's different or is it different in performance too? Is there a slight chance for them to have been limited/restricted in some markets while the motor is the same in both bikes? If so, is there a way around it?
I had read somewhere that some bikes had different cams(smaller cam lobes).

(I did get some info from my previous post but a first hand account of the bike would be better.)
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i have a 1982 cb450t hawk which is the same bike with a few updates and a lil bit bigger engine while im sure it could hit 100mph if i really wanted it too ive have never tried; i would worry less about "doing the ton" and just make sure the bike is running good and well maintained. That being said my bike will get up to 80mph pretty quick but above that seems to hit a wall; you'll hit a hundred but it'll take awhile. Never had much of a desire to go that fast on public roads; also should add that my speedometer goes to 110 mph
Michelle's Honda CB450T Hawk Motorcycle Site
the bike in this article has a 80mph speedo but they got it above 100mph
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