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first off there are no "e" bikes. K, F, A.

There are two styles of exhaust mount at the head: the K style uses two screws to hold a crush clamp that wraps around the exhaust pipe and holds it in place. The F style uses studs to hold a collar in place and uses shell type pieces to put tension on the header flange.

Stock K bike headers usually have too small a flange to use the F mounting menthod, so you will need to convert to the K method. However the rear exhaust mount locations are different. Plus the K exhaust don't have head pipes - they are one solid pipe from muffler to flange (and there are 4 of them). Stock K bike 4 into 1s are also very expensive.

The majority of aftermarket exhausts use the F mounting method and usually required K owners to convert. However the rear mount is always the issue.

For just headpipes, the 1975-78 cb750 exhaust should work. If using a 75-76 headpipe it may not clear the F oil filter unless you remove the extra "cooling" collar the 1978 bikes have (you will need a different oil filter bolt). Same goes for aftermarket exhausts. I am pretty sure any Mac headpipe will work (just find somebody's used cheap one) it is the muffler mounting tabs that work differently.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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