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I am currently working on the tail light for my bike when I have free time, but my knowledge of electronics is limiting my progress quite a bit. I have a 4 LED light(red LED's with a red cover) that I plan on integrating my turn signals into. I am hoping to replace the 2 outside lights with yellow LED's(yellow light + red cover = orange turn signals) and then use the inner 2 lights as my running/brake lights. There are 2 obstacles that I would like some help overcoming on this side project.

First of all, can I use a voltage regulator to step down the juice going into the red LED's for the running lights to say 6V or whatever, then keep the brake light signal up at 12V so that there is a noticeable difference when I am braking? I don't know much about dimming LED's, but this seems like the simplest way to do it.

Secondly, can anyone on here explain resistors in an extremely simplified form? I am guessing that if I remove 1/2 of the lights in the unit I will need to lower the voltage that is going to the remaining 2 to compensate for what the missing lights don't eat up.
I am guessing that I also need to use resistors or something similar to lower the voltage going into the turn signal LED's, but I don't really understand which color code I would need since everything I have seen uses ohms(which I am not terribly familiar with).

The light I am working with

If you guys need a layout of the board and it's components to help me I can probably throw something together, I know this is probably a mess to try to understand with the way I have written it. If any of you guys are electronic wizards or electrical engineers I would appreciate any kind of help you can offer.
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